Top 5 Movies To Watch While Waiting Out A Storm

It is the rainy season again over here and of course, that means, it’s much harder to get out of bed and go to work (egh). Still, if you’re one of the lucky… Continue reading

Quick Update!

No posts about films and comics today, everyone, because my assignments at work seemed to have picked up the pace and I actually need to sit down here and be reminded of what… Continue reading

Co-Creator For The Avatar Series Announces New Graphic Novel! | Threadworlds

How exciting! Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel Avatar: Legend of Korra has announced that he will be publishing his debut graphic novel entitled Threadworlds. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly,… Continue reading

The Mastery That Many Failed To See| Omoide no Mānī

I was one of the many crushed hearts when Director Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli announced his retirement. In shock and pain, I tearfully watched what was announced to supposedly be his last feature… Continue reading

Everything I Needed To Know About Art and Life, I Learned From Satoshi Kon

Today, I have reverted to turning art into my hobby rather than aspiring to make it my career. However, this does not mean that I no longer dabble in art. I still watch… Continue reading

Mai Mai Miracle| You Really Need To Watch This

Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou (nicknamed “Mai Mai Miracle”) is a sweetheart of a Japanese animated film that will leave you wishing you grew up as a country girl. Released way back… Continue reading

Top Animated Movies of 2015 That I’m So Excited For!

I love animated films. Animated shorts, feature films- I love it all! Having grown up on classics from the big animation powerhouses of both the eastern and western animation industries, I carry with… Continue reading


  Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to do a site overhaul and just change the pace and rhythm of this blog entirely. Because of that, all of the old posts will no longer be… Continue reading

Kill Your Darlings: Depressingly Good

I’ve only just finished watching it, so I think now would be a prime time to write about it. As a bit of a background, I usually love to randomly find a film… Continue reading

Another Move, Another Blog

Setting up a blog, to me, is like creating a nest.